Fuller Construction started on a simple principal: relationships matter. We believe that being a smaller firm presents some major advantages over our larger competitors. We feel that we are able to perform on a personal level, no matter how big or how small the construction project may be, and offer a more intimate approach to things. While our staff has the experience to handle a wide variety of scope and sized projects, we prefer to limit the quantity of projects we undertake in order to foster a valued, one-on-one relationship with our clients.

We have honed our services over the last fifteen years to a “Team Concept” that we believe is unmatched by our competitors, resulting in several satisfied and repeat clients. We perform pre-construction, construction and construction management services in the commercial, medical, industrial and condominium markets. Our key personnel all have over 30 years’ experience in the Hampton Roads market and are well- respected amongst their peers.

The above qualities and characteristics allow Fuller Construction to build not only buildings, but lasting relationships in our community. These relationships encourage our personnel to continue implementing our original core concept of one-on-one service, which remains the foundation of Fuller Construction.

George A. Fuller